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I posted on this topic in the old forum.  I wanted to update my post there concerning my experience with Nucleomaxx.

Over the past year, I've started to experience lipodystrophy although I am not on any antiretroviral medication and never have been.  My VL was undetectable at my last test, and my CD4 count was 570.  So the numbers are good, but I've got lipo.

Having read about Nucleomaxx and the trials involving uridine, I decided to order some and give it a try.  I purchased what the manufacturer calls a two-month supply.  According to the manufacturer, you are supposed to ingest three sachets (packets) of this stuff three times a day for three days straight and then wait a month and do it again.  So that's what I did. 

I completed my second course of the stuff over a week ago.  At this point, I have seen no benefit.  My facial wasting is moving right along, as is the fat loss in my buttocks, arms, and legs. 

What I can conclude from this is that Nucleomaxx appears to have no benefit over the short term if it is taken according to the manufacturer's directions.  I understand that clinical trials involving the product all involve much more frequent doses than I have taken.  It may be that the benefits can only be realized at much higher doses.  Or it may be that one would have to take it as directed by the manufacturer over a much longer period.  I don't know.  The stiff price of the product will keep me from much further experimentation.

One thing I can say is that the claims made for this product in a post on one of the old forums are -- how shall I say this politely? -- bullshit.  I honestly didn't believe the hype about it, but since some serious researchers are looking into it, I figured it might be worth a try.  If this does turn out to be a real treatment for lipo, it will require a very different dose from that currently prescribed by the manufacturer.

So there you have it.  The results of my own brief experiment with Nucleomaxx.  My advice is that unless you've got lots of money and can afford to buy large quantities of the product, it probably isn't worth trying.  Of course, it might not work even at the higher dose.  For now, I'll wait and see what the studies show.


Hey John:

I almost ordered that stuff too months ago. Like you, I'm not on medication yet. I posted my enquiries in the old forum and someone informed that this stuff is used for those on meds. So I did not order and thankfully too. Sorry you had to waste money on this.

My facial wasting has slowed recently due to massive eating and alot vitamin supplemention. I even started taking powdered collagen (marine) and I'm not sure if it helped but I did once noticed some improvement after 2 weeks of daily consumption (1 sachet daily). Actually a friend commended I looked much better one day that made me take a second look at myself. It costs about $50 for a month's supply and can be considered expensive over a long term period. I stopped after 1 box to ration. I bought 3 boxes to try. Will start again soon. Will update you if it works. However, I may need to isolate its consumption from other major vitamin supplements to determine what's working and what's not; a difficult process considering I take alot of stuff and eat alot and also noticed if I rest enough, I do look better. Well, guess it may be a combination of many factors. Wished it could be more simple but we are not dealing with a simple virus here.

Meanwhile, stay well. Peace and Blessed Be !


Although Nucleomaxx didn't seem to help, I don't know if it would be more beneficial for anyone on meds.  Lipodystrophy seems to be caused by mitochondrial toxicity, and this would affect both people who are on meds and people who aren't. 

As I said, my experiment was brief and limited.  My only conclusion is that it doesn't seem to help if taken at the manufacturer's suggested dose for the time period that I used it (2 months).  It may well be that at higher doses it will help.  But that conclusion will have to await the outcome of the ongoing studies involving this product.


I expect I posted a link to this study report on the old forums, which notes a measurable, statistically significant but not particularly noticeable-to-the-eye increase in fat for people on AZT or d4T after 3 cycles of Nucleomaxx.  It's use beyond people on AZT/d4T is unevaluated.

- matt

Thanks for the link, Matt.  I note that the cycles of Nucleomaxx that were referred to in the article were each of 10 days duration.  In other words, patients in the study were given more than three times the amount of Nucleomaxx that the manufacturer prescribes.  (Their recommended cycle is three packets a day for three days.)  So it may be that it works effectively at that dosage.  But if one were to buy that much of the product on line, it would cost more than US$300 per month, none of which is covered by insurance.

More interesting were the other supplements and strategies discussed in the comment portion of the article.  (Who knew that drinking beer would raise uridine levels?)  Maybe I'll try one of those.



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