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Dating Part II: Jay, Boo & Other Guys, Too

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OK, so new thread, won't take as long to load now, since we're ALL so darn busy with our men (lololol)!  Yes, I wanted to reply to Camille's comment about, lmao!  You are SO right!  Here I am looking for a poz guy on that site, thinking "Herpes?"  It seems everyone is dealing with it, tho!

OK, so who has a hot date tonight?  I have my back-ups that I am talking to, and yes, I will not contact Jay.  He'll miss me, I'm sure of it, LOVE when that happens!   ;D

Queen, what is going on with Boo?  I have a date with Cheech tonight, my Australian Shepherd.  He snores but I still let him sleep with me all the same, lol!

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Queen Tokelove:
I wasn't sure if there was such a place as thought Camille was cracking a joke, my bad. Personally, I would never go there. I am dealing with being poz, diabetic, and loss of hearing. I don't think I could deal with something else that is going to be with me forever. Not trying to be mean in saying that but am just being honest.

I was going through the personals today because I was notified off a flirt and I saw your pic, Moonlight. I was like, I know her! After CJC's thread, I'm feeling like I do. I just thought that was cool. You may not call Jay this weekend but you know you got him on the brain... ;)

As for me and Boo, we're both online at this moment. We are chatting in between him running scans and me doing my thing here. I think he had a stressful day but is not really talking about it. I don't want to force the issue and I'll just wait to see if he wants to share. I am also on the phone with my best friend. Damn, I'm good.. ;D  Ok, just got bf off the phone. Boo's convo tonight is a bit weak but I won't hold it against him. I'll chock it up to him having a bad day. Not everyday can be peachy, I sure can relate to that.

To those viewing this thread. You don't have to put your personal biz here like me and Moonlight is doing with our new found romances but we sure would appreciate some feedback. I don't know about Moonlight but this dating thing is new to me, I've been out of circulation for a few years now.

what a beautiful pic!

I really want to give advice, but I don't like to sound authoriative on something that I'm not. dating, love, that's so complicated... people are so different.

When i was freaKING OUT B/C MY OWN RELATIONSHIP TOOk (sorry caps lock) so long to settle down, and was so uncertain (and I was and still am horribly anxious, aboutb everything incl this), my soial worker just told me "relationships last as long as they're good". I keep it as a motto, so far it's worked. I'm still anxious though...

I use this motto to remind me to keep it light, keep it sweet, take it easy. I don't know if it makes sense. I don't put pressure on my BF, so everything's worked out better than in any other relationships. All my relationships were crap but this one. Some really horrendous (when i was a teen), some when i was in my 20s just normally dysfunctional. This is the first really good one, and still with a horrible anxiety about the future. I try to seperate my anxiety from the relationship though as much as poss and have one rule to keep it fun. To enjoy the moment and the little things. Most of the time I abide by that.

So that's the only thing I learned. That's the one things different.

Good luck with it!!!!

edited to add: ps now i read your correspondence o the previous thread, this advice doesn't seem relevant. I can so feel and identify with both of yours impatience and craving for the thing to get started already. Been there SO many times. All that speculating about the guy, what he wants, what he needs. Trying not to be so demanding. There is a time for that, but there are times to say what you need.

Hello ladies. I take no credit for any of this. I am just glad we can all have somewhere to talk. I can talk to the girls (and guys) at work but I have to edit what I say because they don't know my status.             I love the picture of your dog and you, Moonlight.                              Queen, I thought camille07 was cracking a joke as well, if not, I apologize. Personally as well, I would not go there just because I am not trying to add to what I already have.                                         I have no hot date tonight or any night right now. But I will not give up hope. And in about 4 weeks, when I really heal up, I wonder if I will go into heat like I did about 4 weeks after I had my boy's. no offense intended with that phrase, it's just how I felt at the time.       I saw moonlight's picture as "Catch Of The Day" on last night. Don't worry girl, you are quite pretty and will get plenty of attention.  Best of luck to us all .  Cristy

I agree with Cristy. The pics you've (Moonlight) posted show a very attractive, vibrant person. You'll get hits for sure. Funny thing. Until you started the second thread and posted the pic of you and the dog, I thought it was a fake pic you used in your avatar. The poster Philly is always picking varied headshots and I thought this was another faux face!

As Queen noted, this is becoming an e-soap of sorts, so I'm gonna bow out and get a balcony seat. Nope, no one's in the seat next to me. If there were, I doubt I'd be here posting on this fine sunny morning!!

Carry on, ladies. Carry on.



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