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The best way to take multi vitamins.

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I always take my vitamins and supplements with plenty of food and water, and about 5 hours after taking my meds.

 There are directions listed on the vitamins. mine says with food !!


Hello All,

My name is Gord. I'm poz and very interested in nutrition and health.
In answer the supplement vitamin question:

I take my vitamins at least one hour before or after my medication with food.

Some vitamins and minerals dissolve in water and others in oil.  I make a shake with a little oil (or healthy fat) in it to take my vitamins.   
Here in Canada I use "Udo's 3.6.9. oil blend, certified organic, buy it at most health food store store.  (I am not connected in any way  with this product other than being a consumer).   There are lots of oil blends on the market just check for one with the right blend.  In your area there are no doubt similar products. 


Be careful the refrigerated shelve life of these products is 8 weeks so check the best before dates-  start first with a small bottle-  makes great salad dressing. 

One other piece of advice, be sure to eat foods rich in Folic acid as studies show low levels of folic acid in poz population. 

Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canucks!



There are so many different ways to take them.  Today vitamins / supplements are so varied some are time released so that they do not release all at once but over the course of several hours, others release their "energy" all at once. 

As for me, I just put all of them in my mouth at once and wash them down with a full glass of water.  Same way with my meds. 

If you have a "weak" stomach then taking them with food is a good idea so they do not irritate your system.  Otherwise you can take most vitamins / supplements without food unless the directions specify otherwise.
As always you should follow the directions given on the labels, they are there for a reason.

Btw, if you are taking antibiotics, you need to read the fine print to make sure if taking multivitamins will interfere with the antibiotic.


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