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Another medical question : testosterone ?

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My overall testosterone is in the low range of normal, but free testosterone is belwo normal. My Doc wants me to start using a topical ointment once a day (Testim 1%)
Weight is the same as it has always been for at least 10 years (converted in 2001 )...body actually a little better than in past.

Has anyone used this topical testosterone ?
Side effects ?
I have no desire to be  a "gymbot"

I use the androgel, I feel like it definitely gives me more energy.

Sex drive ???  what's that??? oh yeah, I kind of remember......

I've used both. The testim gave me a rash but the stuff gets the woman and gay guys attention, I kid you not! The androgel will give you the same boost as testim, sort of and is adequate for the job, but you won't get comments and attention from the woman or guys like using testim will.  After some time, about two years, I found I didn't need either of them.

Good luck,


oooooo sounds like I need to get some testim.....

In a way the andrgel contributed to me getting hiv.Mytestosterone level was low when my doc measured it and so he put me on it.Just rub it onto your shoulders or abdomin.It made this forty something bod feel like eighteen again.Unreal how horny it made me!So I had lots of sex and unsafe at that.Now im here.I cant say it gave me more energy but it certainly helped my sex life unfortunatly. :D I stopped taking it when I was diagnosed as I have no need for it now,and i was worried about the cancer risk,I mean prostate risk.My doc also warned of this possibility.Actually sex can cut your life short.I was reading a study where people who are castrated live about 10 years longer than normal people.So maybe those nike,ufo believers from california that commited suicide about 10 years ago were onto something.


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