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Thanks for explaining a BLIP...  Just goes to show you learn something everyday.  Like Lwood (on Monday) I'm going in tomorrow and find out my lab results...  I'm not one to react to the "numbers' but I have noticed a disturbing trend in my labs that suggest my CD4 keeps going down and my VL keeps going up...  a trend that has been going on for the past four years...Wish Me Luck...and good luck to you Lwood :-*

The first time I went to the ASO, the caseworker told me to know what my numbers were, but not to let them guide how I felt. Your lab results are just part of your health. The doctor looks at your lab results over time, your physical health, your mental health, any OI's.

Your numbers can vary each day. If you have a cold, or are a little rundown, time of day, the day the labs were drawn...there are a lot of factors that can increase or decrease your counts. Maintaining a fairly stable cd4 % over many lab results, lack of OI's, along with how you are feeling are best indicators of your health.

I think your numbers are good. Don't let the numbers discourage you.

After 18 months of undetectable, VL went to around 250, 3 months later to 780, 3 months later back to undetectable and has been there for over a year.
Some docs would have tried to switch my meds after the second "blip"... fortunately, mine didn't.

Somewhere I read, and maybe others can give more info on this, that a vl jump along with a good and increasing cd4 count can suggest that vl is not the same damaging vl. I guess I take it that this mutated vl jump does not damage the tcells. And the meds... or the persons natural immune system is capable of bringing this mutated vl in check. In other words, you have a mutation that does not kill or damage the tcells. And the mutation dies out, bringing you back to undetectable. Also, the whole time of this vl jump, your cd4 is un effected and still growing stronger. I'm probably not explaining this accurately, but this could explain vl jumps while the immune system appears to be un effected and still gaining in strength. Kinda like some mutations are bad, and some are harmless. But still counted in that vl and shows up in labs.

Hey Randym, this sounds terrific. I simply love this possible explanation.  My immune system came back stronger after my blip .  Maybe some mutations could be benefic. ::)



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