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I'm positive I'm happy to be here

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Hello, CallingAllAngels. Welcome to the forums. There are really a bunch of fantastic people (male and female) and I hope you enjoy it here. I like having a women's forum but the rest are great ,too.   Cristy

Welcome Angel!

Glad you found us and like everyone here, I'm always around if you want to 'talk'!  Keep that positive attitude!


Queen Tokelove:

Welcome to the forums, girlfriend! I also like the name too. I agree with the others, keeping a good attitude always helps. That and a sense of humor is what keeps me going. I'm glad you realize that being poz is not the end of the world but it is an adjustment. The ladies here are wonderful and so are the gentlemen. Check out the other forums here, you will see. I hope to see more posts from you in the future.

Welcome, Angel.  I hope you post more on these forums. 

Wow, thanks for all the responses, ladies! I'll definitely be posting around the forums here. I can tell there are really friendly folks around these parts. Awesome! It can really help, finding community and people to toss ideas out to, and gab with.

I was at a wrestling show last night, and I was speaking to a female wrestler who donates 85% of her wrestling proceeds to our local AIDS charity. I have yet one more woman I can say I look up to, in the world. Yay. That made me happy. Just wanted to share that, for some reason... :)


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