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Anyone been in touch with Zephyr recently?

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I was just reading the Zephyr foundation post in the Clinical Trials forum and her last post sounded like she was signing off from the forums for good.  I can't believe anyone would take exception to her fundraising, if they didnt agree with it why not just ignore it? Anyway is Zeph going to be around again at some point? i'll miss her if she isnt!


Thanks for posting Chris, I had no idea this whole ordeal was going on in the Clinical Trials forum.

Zephyr, I love you honey,  you know that.   It hurts me deeply to think that someone has contacted you in such a manner.    You are loved and appreciated, probably more than you realize.

With love,


Hey Chris,

We spoke to her yesterday.  She is doing fabulous, but has been busy.  She was going to work on her chronicles of the trip and post them soon.

Oh yeah, Lisa and Shane are visiting her this weekend.  Gotta be excited about that!

I too had no idea this was happenning!  Love you Zephyr, post soon!!


Hi Chris
I spoke to Zephy on the phone the other day, and as John said she is fine, just busy, she has so much going on right now and has so much energy it amazes me.
There is no way she will leave the forums, her family here mean too much to her....when she gets time to take a breath she will be back.

Jan :)


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