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getting back into the workforce?

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Hello everyone,
Well I've been a stay-at-home mom for almost 3 years now, and recently, have decided to get back into the workforce, well for financial reasons and personal reasons.
I applied for a job with a really great company, which I was sent to take the apptitude test,( I did and passed), and yesterday I took the standard pee drug test. I quess my question is, does anyone know what meds may interact, and give a false positive on the screen?
It is now a waiting game, to see if I'm in the all clear to work,and just waiting on a phone call.
Meanwhile I've been searching for a daycare for my son. This has been the hardest thing I've EVER had to do. Not is it so much more complicated than I thought it to be, but emotionally I'm a wreck. In fact, I'm crying now about it.
I'm just having a hard time even thinking about letting him go to daycare, and someone else watching him, but I know I need to do this eventually whether it be in the next few weeks or in a couple of years, he's growing up and needs to be more independent. I'm just scared of all the bad things that can happen to him.....I feel i'm failing to protect somehow. I'm going crazy allittle every day.
Thanks for hearing out my little rant, i really needed to vent.

Wow I feel your pain! I am looking for a job also because we are in a great financial bind but I am not sure that I am ready to put my son and daughter into daycare. I have had two bad experiences with daycare and do not want to go through that again. I am hoping to just get something part time but not sure if that is even feasible at this point.
I had to do a drug test because my ex was trying to alledge that I was taking drugs(even though he has never even seen me take a drink) and I disclosed to them that I was HIV pos and on meds and they did a more thorough test so not exactly positve what the reason for that was.

Don't worry about your son at daycare. I live near a daycare centre, and it is usually the moms and dads who are more nervous than the children. Once the kids see new children to play with and exciting things to do, they are as happy as a pig in mud. Rarely do I see the children crying on the first day, it is usually the parents wiping away the tears.
Relax, Nicole, and let him have a great new adventure - he will love it and hopefully you will enjoy your new adventure with a new job


Thanks for the advice, it really makes me feel better.
Momoftwo, what was the horrible experience, if you don't mind telling?

I drove by this one lady's place I had been talking to for daycare, she owns a daycare out of her house, and I saw three kids staring out the front window, and I was like " oh, my god, are they so bored and miss their're parents so much, that they're staring out the window looking for them?" So I drove away, and considering canceling my appt with her tomorrow morning.

So my search continues......

Thanks again for all the comments..

My horrible experience was I interviewed a daycare out of a house and loved her. She seemed so attentive to my son while we were there. I then called all of her references and they all checked out great. The day I dropped off my son I did the diaper trick of leaving a little mark somewhere on the diaper. When I picked up my son 9 hours later he had actual blisters on his little butt. I took him immediately to the ER and something told me to check the diaper that I had changed when I got home with him. Well the little mark was there. She had not changed him all day. The ER reported her to the state and during the investigation I learned that she had three other violations against her and she was not even supposed to have her own child in the home.
After that I have stayed at home and only my SIL or my parents and sister watch my children. I have interviewed other babysitters I am just so afraid to leave them with anyone.
This time I will be sticking with a licensed daycare that the county recommends for my peace of mind.


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