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Gay couple seek first gay divorce after 3 months of marriage

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Kegel excercises, no doubt!

This has been predicted in this country as well, in states where same sex mariage becomes a reality, and the legal system may have to adapt to unique issues.. Plenty of straight couples divorce after a very short time too, Im not sure what the phenomenon is, reality I guess.
I still agree that overall, Gay marriages tend to work out better/longer since its so much more difficult to get married in the first place that the couples really have to be determined.
Who knows what was up with the two women in the Story, maybe they were mutual 'Trophy Wives' more in love with the IDEA of a Same Sex marriage than the Actual Reality of it. Im sure many a straight husband has wound up banging one of the bridesmaids, after deciding he wasn't quite ready to settle down afterall... so I dont really see anything unique here

I really Hope Kinky friedman is able to get some deep Grass Roots support like Ross Perot did, but Im afraid he's just not going to be taken seriously. I still want a Kinky campaign button/bumper sticker though. Like Perot, I think he could easily do something at the State level, like Senator or Gov. , then again if the next best candidate is Hillary Clinton or a revived John Kerry  Id go Kinky all the way.


--- Quote from: jack on June 29, 2006, 09:12:11 PM ---Recently, Kinky Friedman, the next govenor of the great state of Texas, was asked his thoughts on gay marriage. He stated " Hell,why not, I see no reason gays shouldnt be as miserable as the rest of us". Vote KINKY
Kinky for President? Now that would be cool

--- End quote ---

Finally, something I can agree with.

Hal :o

As I understand (at least from what the immigration attorney says), the UK does not recognize prenuptial agreements (or pre-civil partnership agreements).  So many folks now rushing into civil partnerships may be surprised to learn that like Andy says, there are equal rights for divorce too.  So people may be surprised to learn that upon cessation of the relationship, assets (at least those gained during the relationship) will be split equally AND where one person made much more than the other, they can be forced to continue to provide support for their partner.


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