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I haven't disappeared!


I have not posted or read in over a week because I have a new computer...I have made the big jump from PC to iMac.  I love it and am just now learning how to get all my bookmarks and passwords over to the new iMac.  Of course, everything is just different enough on the Mac that I have to learn it.  So today is the first attempt to saunter back into the forums.  I think I am logged on eternally, so it seems I never left.

I have begun my seventh week of my Combivir and Kaletra regimen.  Monday I had the blood work done, so sometime after the 4th of July holiday I will get my results.  I am not sure how much of a reduction in viral load (I was around 88,000 eight weeks ago and afflicted with shingles) or increase in cd4, if any (22% and just over 350.) to expect.  I want to be realistic so that I am not disappointed.  I have been very lucky. I have tolerated this regimen extremely well with virtually no side effects, so I really want it to work (don't we all!)  Keep your fingers crossed for me. 

Am looking forward to the Montreal trip next month.


Your bodies responce to the drugs and the bug's decline take time, but you will see a difference. Sometimes it seems like you take three steps forward and then one step back, but overall your progress will be unmistakable. Look over the entire time, from the start of the drugs to the present, you'll see a change.



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