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Ya are so kind.....I'm sure I will get past this latest episode by the end of the week...2007 has brought me more ills than the past 2 it in the air?



Wishing you a speedy recovery.


Andy Velez:
Hope you're on the mend and that the anti-biotics don't wreak too much intestinal damage.

Sometime ago I had this feeling that I had a very tight vest on -- only I wasn't wearing a vest. Unexpected diagnosis: walking pneumonia. That was a shock. And here I still am years later and I've been successfully di-vested.


Miss Philicia:
Best wishes for a speedy recovery indeed.

For the diarrhea, eat yogurt with live cultures daily to help re-populate the intestinal flora which may have been killed by antibiotics.  Also, get plenty of whole grains and fiber in your diet to help absorb liquid and bind your stool.


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