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Earlier this afternoon, my doctor told me that I have a contagious form of pneumonia, but that it was not PCP. High fevers running over a 100 everynight with chills from being soaking wet is awful. When I asked if I should be admitted to the hospital, my doctor told me I was beyond that point.  ???

After a breathing treatment at the clinic and the clinic staff assigned to me were wearing breathing mask when in the exam room. My body weight in just 9 days, dropped 17 pounds. Of course, I asked my doctor if Wasting was setting in as it did in 2001 when I lost 170 pounds within 9 weeks, after being diagnosed with AIDS with a CD4 of 0 and a Viral Load over 1.2 million.

So, instead of the hospital, I was prescribed 4 very, very strong antibiotics, of which have already started the diarrhea, to stay home away from others.  :'(

Hopefully, I will be rid of these horrible symptoms soon.


Sounds like you have what is called walking pneumonia, and the reason they didn't sign you in at the hospital is because it's not considered serious enough to be admitted, but it's still a bloody awful thing to have and to deal with..the anit-biotics should really help.

Walking pneumonia can be contagious for up to 3 weeks if treatment is not started straight away..those living in close contact with you would be most at risk.

I have no words of wisdom regarding the weight loss..weight loss can be due to a number of things going on with you at the moment.

I hope the meds start to work soon, let us know how you get on.

Jan :-*

I was in the ICU for 15 days with pneumonia not PCP and then I had to say another 15 days in a pvt room. The shitty thing about it I caught it in the hospital. It took me over a year to recoup. I feel for you.

No words of wisdom, just wishing you a speedy recovery.

I will be sending copious amounts of positive, healing energy your way.



Matty the Damned:
Hey Pat!

Bummer about the pneumonia. I agree with Jan, it sounds like walking pneumonia. Hope you're better soon babe.



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