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I've read the welcome thread and have actually gone through many threads. I just wanted some clarification on a couple things.

I know you all are experts in your I trust I will get the best answers available.

1. Why is it when anyone ever says that they were infected with  hiv by receiving oral sex (fellatio) or performing cunninlingus they are immediately called liars and are just generally made to feel horrid?  I've read some things on different places (including the cdc) that take their information from the cdc that states that there HAVE been documented cases of transmission through this manner, yet you all quote that there has not been any cases. So it is pretty much impossible to get it from oral sex eh?

2. Its to my understanding that there has been only one case of transmission through kissing. is that correct? I did read the welcome thread, but just wanted to know a bit more. So kissing (deep, dry, wet) is no risk?

3. I've seen Anne, and others state that most people will test positive by 4 to 6 weeks...I'm assuming that most could be from 51% on to 100%. I was just curious as to where this information comes from? I've also read that 10 weeks onward  is about about as conclusive as conclusive can get but the powers that be iuse the CYA methadology..

4. If a person is at the 12 week negative, symptoms mean nothing? would a test be able to tell if a person has antibodies if they had been experiencing symptoms for a prolonged (4 weeks plus) period?

Many thanks.


1. There have been to many recent studies to refute transmission by oral sex. The CDC used old studies where their information came from the individual which could not be confirmed as that is the only risk that they have had.

2. Kissing, the case the you refer to on the CDC website does not say that it was confirmed, it say MAY have happened.

3. If you read the responses a person will usually test positive by 4-6 weeks. A conclusive test is 3 months. If one tests positive anytime between 4-6 weeks or any other time it is confirmed with secondary test. A negative conclusive for someone that has had a recent exposure is at 3 months.

4. Symptoms or the lack of symptoms is no way to diagnose HIV. Anyone that gets a negative test at 3 months are conclusive unless they fall in the catagory of being on Chemo, antirejection drugs for transplants or some Chronic IV drug abusers. Some people with an immune disease my also be late seroconverting.

Thanks rod for your responses. I can imagine it to be tiring to repeatedly answer the same types of questions.

1. The studies you mention that refute the transmission through oral sex. are these studies available to the public do you have links possibly for them?

2. smooching is safe. got it.

3. With the majority of people at 4 to 6 weeks. Is that based on current HIV test? I read that after 6 weeks, that generation doesn't matter. Your thoughts man? I know that 3 months is conclusive with the exception of those groups you mentioned. Oh, and could you please tell me what a ICMA hiv test is?

4. Test at 3 months are conclusive. 12 vs 13 weeks makes no difference as long as it is between the 80 - 91 day mark. correct?

okay rod and any one else, this is just more so of a personal question for you all.

what do you get out of websites like this? like do u take joy in answering questions?

No I don't enjoy it. I wish there were no need for a website such as this and there wasn't HIV to deal with. I'm here as I know as are most, to educate and try to prevent this disease from spreading. 30 years later people still don't know the ways HIV can be transmitted, nor do they think they can contract it.

well thank you for giving your time in such a manner. it is a scary thing, but education is key. And not to sound cliché, but knowledge is power. I have seen this disease (or fear of it) control people.

Like, from everything I've seen that most people haven't the faintest clue about this. Like most don't realize how to use a condom. scary man scary.

I'm not sure if u saw the other questions on my last post buddy, but if you could answer I think everything I need to know will be answered.


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