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"When NOT to take your Meds"

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Being new to the med scene, I have found some situations that I have been in... How about you???

Recommendations but not recommended...

Eating your pills mixed in with your spaghetti and meatballs.

Eating your pills while taking a dump.

Eating your pills on a roller coaster with negative g's involved.

Eating your pills in front of your teacher while taking an exam including rolling them down from the top of your desk and gobbling them up before they roll off.

Eating your pills while being arrested for speeding in front of the officer.

Eating your pills in Church while instead of getting the "wafer" you just request the wine and say to the priest "I brought my own, thank you very much."

Having your best friend "lob" your pills from across the room and over all your buddies heads into your awaiting mouth during  the superbowl.

Eating your pills during an interview for a new job.

Just before you are going to get some serious sex, tell your sex-mate - "would you give me my pills "threw" to me by french kissing me???

These are just a few that come to mind that have caused me some difficulties....  ;D

Im totally going to have my Boyfriend lob them into my mouth in a restaraunt, or possibly the Club Level of a nice Hotel.  but unill then, the " while Taking A dump" option is workable    in fact ......hmmmmmmm.

The pill taking is always a challenge, I'm glad you're keeping a good sense of humor about it Eric!    I still have screw-ups, even taking meds as many years as I have.   For instance, last night, I absolutely could not go to sleep and I could not understand why.....

I figured it out this morning, when I saw that my Ambien was still 'stuck' in the pill never made it to my mouth.


dunno, during sex is kinda added value.

Deffo to be recommended situations:

On arrival at UK immigration
At film premieres (as in "What are those, they look interesting, can I have one?" "That's chemo for HIV-1 infection")
At work ("Are those vitamins?" "No that's my medicine for HIV-1 infection")
On packed commuter trains (sick way to get 4 seats to yourself this turned out to be)
At my mother's ("Are those antibiotics again?" "No that's my medicine for HIV-1 infection" "I don't believe you"  - I have given up trying to tell my mother)
Dance floor of Trade )"Oh, time for an indinavir, and can I have a bump of K with that"  - a friend, a long time ago)
However, I do not recommend dropping them on the turntable at a gay club on Pride night (an ex)
I have used them in boring meetings, as a dramatic power pause, like the guy n the water jug in Ally Mcbeal...

- matt

Oh lordy Newt, I haven't heard of K in years.  :o

Here's one for you:

Never hang your Cytovene IV bag on the rear-view mirror of your car, then get stopped for speeding. Cops just don't understand the need for injectable gancyclovir at regular intervals. (as happened to a friend several years ago.)




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