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Hey guys! I missed you!

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I just wanted to drop in and let everyone know that things are okay and I didn't forget about anyone. I am really pleased with the new and improved aidsmeds. I see there are a lot of new people and I am looking forward to making some new friends.

For the people I have not gotten a chance to get acquainted with yet. You can get to know some things about me on the blogs.

Right now I am in California just getting things situated with my children and everything. I should be back in Florida no later than September. I miss Thomas so much. The boys are looking forward to moving as well. Malachi has been keeping me really busy. He has been saying things like "hi" and "okay" and "yeah" and "uh oh!" He is so funny.

I am sorry to this is so short. I must go and take care of the boys.

Lots of love!

~Rasheen :)

My Darlin Sweet Precious Trans-Continental Gurl..........

Soooooo neat to see your note.  I have to confess that I have been consumed of late, thinking about you and sending you all good energy.  I am so glad to hear that Malachi is giggling, growing and learning so fast. 

Check in when you can and we will be anxiously awaiting the next installment.

In Love, Concern and Support.
(Enda na Mungu - Go with God - Swahili)

It's about stinking time you check in  ;)

 Its so good to hear from you honey! Im glad things are  going well for you and Thomas and the boys.  I know Thomas must be missing you like crazy too!


Don't be gone too long! 


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