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sorry if my typing is a little off, trying to ween myself of Ambien and didn't get much sleep last night.
I have to applaud you for your positive attitude, everyone of us has been through the "ringer" so ta speak, but how you deal with it is really how you come out of it. Laughter is really the best medicine, I found that when I'm happy my t-cells go up, try renting more comedies it could help.
I was like you and didn't want to start meds until I felt I really needed to. And I am having a hard time with the side effects as well.
but HIV/AIDS  is a disease I will die with, not from. That's for all you ladies, wheher you are  gay or straight, we have to stick together, because we're really the only people who understand.
Good luck,
we love you,


--- Quote from: zachysmom on July 10, 2007, 11:29:43 AM ---Laughter is really the best medicine, I found that when I'm happy my t-cells go up, try renting more comedies it could help.

--- End quote ---

Nicole seemed to hit this right. I have to agree with her here, because before I started dating my boyfriend, I was just alone, me, a widow, and lonely. Sure, my life was great, I wasn't unhappy, I was doing well. My CD4 was stable between high 300's and low 400's. After I started dating this guy, I was more happy than I'd been since before my husband died nearly two years ago. And just a month after I started seeing him, I got my labs back and my CD4 jumped to over 500, and the % jumped 4%.... and there was no change in my medications.

Find your happiness and enjoy life. Make it the best you can make it, and let the water roll off your back. Watch a lot of comedies!

I'm bisexual, so, even though I "swing both ways," it is hard being, like you said, a minority within a minority.  Just keep smiling, it sure helps.

Well, so much for my being in a demographic group of one.   ;D

Like Bettytacy, I would say I'm more on the bisexual side since I was married to a guy for many years. Unfortunately many women think "bisexual" is code for "I'll eventually break your heart when I dump you for a penis". So I'm not into labels. Too scary. But I've not dated a guy for several years.

I think dating women is harder because like the gay male community, it's a pretty small world. Everyone knows everyone else. But for the guys, there is a subset of HIV positive men, and much more acceptance. (Not that the men don't get slammed by ignorant jerks, there's plenty of posts here to prove it.)  It's no big news if a gay guy is poz. But a HIV+ lesbian...that's a tag that would really set me apart in the community, it it were widely known.

Information on safer sex is centered around the condom. Uh, not really much use for those on my Saturday nights. Information on transmission is pretty sketchy, that may be a blessing in disguise, saying it's really hard for a woman to transmit HIV to another women thru sex.

--- Quote ---it is hard being, like you said, a minority within a minority.
--- End quote ---

And there's always that part too. I don't have that feeling all the time, just on occasion. It does seem to make life a bit different for the reasons above.

--- Quote ---Just keep smiling, it sure helps.
--- End quote ---

You betcha. Chicks dig  big smiles.   ;)

Thanks for you input ulong...
Its very hard for a lesbian to catch hiv from another lesbian, unless u shared
needles..which we did..Other than that, i have since been with 2 other lovers
both who are negative and been negative for 12 yrs and the other for 4 yrs..
So i know not to be so scared when being with another women..
Anyways..Iam smiling really big  ;D Ummmmm so u said the girls like that huh? haha.. We shall see..(just kiddin witcha)..thank u all for your replies. luv Ubotts


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