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wazzzzzup? need advice and stuff

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i think you can also start new threads if the topic you want to talk about is different to this one.

cheers and welcome to the family

Juan Carlos

Hello again Tornado,

I don't think moving your threads to Mars will be necessary, but you never know so I'll keep your permission in mind. ;D

Why were you given latex gloves? Fingering or any kind of mutual masturbation is also not a risk for hiv infection. If my partner came anywhere near me with latex gloves on, all hell would break loose. I really hope you read this before you try the gloves out on your partner - you'll insult the hell out of her with them. Don't throw them out though, they might come in handy for painting or other mucky jobs around the house.

As for new threads, yes, if it's a different subject, start a new thread. If you want to talk more about hiv transmission and prevention, use this thread.


Hi Tornado

Welcome to the forums.

I agree with Ann regarding the Latex gloves, I can't imagine for the life of me why they gave them to you..they certainly don't belong in the bedroom..unless of course you are thinking of painting the walls...if anyone came near me with them they would end up eating carpet with my foot on their neck... ;)

Hope you stay around.

Jan :-*

ok, ok ok!  i'll think twice about using gloves....but don't you think it's sort of kinky in a good way?  maybe not.

the doc gave me the gloves after i asked for some.  the doc said that i could take the entire box.  interestingly though the doc said that penetration may be a risk....b/c of the cervix....

to be honest, i'm not a good planner when it comes to sex.  i tend to follow my bliss.  so, this is new to me.  what do you think about that?  isn't it difficult to plan something that is so sensual? follow what feels good ( :o ), you know?

Hi Tornado,

Well, the gloves could possibly be a kinky turn-on and that's something you'd have to discuss with your girlfriend - BEFORE you try to use them with her. I know what my answer would be (NO WAY!) but your gf might feel differently.

Hiv cannot get through intact skin. Even if you have small cuts on your fingers, it's nothing to worry about. My partner works in the construction trade and he's always got cuts and nicks on his hands. We've been together for eight years and he's still negative. The only barrier we use is condoms for intercourse, something you won't need to worry about in your relationship. But please know that I'm not telling you anything that I don't practice in my own life. Neither fingering nor cunnilingus are risks for hiv infection.

And I agree with you - spontaneous sex is always the best. When ever it's planned for, things always seem to conspire to thwart even the best laid plans. ::)



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