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Doggy Dental Hygiene

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So this morning I'm brushing Sam's (my dog) teeth and I thought to myself......self, you are an old queen. I spent over an hour at the pet super-store deciding which brand of doggy toothpaste to purchase. The biggest decision I made today....fluoride or non-fluoride. Hell, I don't give that much thought to my meds.

I buy him organic dog food that costs more than my food. I worry about his diet more than my own...hell, I had cold Papa John's for breakfast. Sam had a scrambled organic egg mixed into his billion dollar kibble.

My question: Am I alone in my pet devotion and freakishness? Please share your I don't feel quite the loser.

Got to go, Sam needs a soothing milk-bath.

Hal ::)

I plead the fifth and I have two.  :D


Your not alone in your devotion to Sam. I was just as devoted to Oscar . Oscar died because the vet gave him too much anesthesia when he had his teeth cleaned back in Febuary.  I fed him expensive prescription dog food because he had a sensative stomach. That food cost almost 50.00 a month. His teeth cleaning averaged 100.00 every six months, grooming was 50.00 every 6 weeks. Not to mention the money I spent having him trained, & all the toys I purchased for him. He had more toys than some kids  I know. Also I spent money on clothes for him. I once bought a pair of Muck-A-Luck dog shoes to wear during incliment weather (75.00), an all weather multi layered dog coat (80.00)  & I bought him an expensive harness that wouldn't matt his chest hair when I walked him.Your not a looser, stop thinking that you are. You love that sweet little dog and he is there for you to shower love & affection on him. He gives you alot back too. I miss my baby, and hopefully sometime in August I will have a new one to spend $ and time with.

Give my puppy nephew a big kiss from his Uncle Dan

Uncle Dan, Im sorry about Oscar.  I would sue that vet!

And, Hal, I love my doggie more than you know and I spend so much on quality food and toys for him.  He is my child and is turning in to one hell of a watch dog!

Holy cow Dachshund, if doing all that for your dog makes you a big queen, then sign me up too! I do ALL of that for my dog!



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