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NAC vs. Milk Thistle

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The product I buy contains Desmodium and a a small amount of Rosemary.

It is made by Sarandrea, one of the most reputable labs for herbal preparations in Italy. (I am not that good with allopathic stuff but I've done my research when it comes to complementary medecine, maybe because I am a professionaly trained masseur and reflexologist too).

Another medecine I am on is Feronplex, wich is alpha 4D interferon. This I am told is an immunoregulator and is also used in some hepatitis cases. I don't always take it but it is added to my treatment when my liver is unhappy.



When I was deciding what supplements to take I found Lark Lands website really helpful there is a really comprehensive guide about supplements for HIV+ people

Theres plenty of information about NAC on there.  I myself went for the following:

Vitamin C
Omega 3

I don't always have all of these they'd be too expensive otherwise!


appreciate the link to Lark's Treatment Pages.  Really pulls together a lot of info onto one site.

I haven't heard of any of those formulas over in the US, but i'll admit i'm not up on the latest health-food store items.  very interesting about the types of foods/herbs that you eat to help you -- unfortunately if it's a choice between broccoli and a burger, i know which one i'm going for!   ;)

thanks for the links...the quality/efficacy of the "stuff" we buy at GNC and other places always seems to be the fly in the ointment.

I appreciate your input greatly!

Take care,

Chris and Jay,

very valuable infos on the site you pointed at, thanks.

I have been a veggie for nearly 30 years, a burger would probably finish me off ;D broccoli is less risky...
My doc is in italy and besides consulting he also develops some of these concoctions with several labs. He is... unusual you could say, whilst being a highly respected oncologist and immunologist - so a rare breed of allopathy specialist with a high interest in plant based pharmacopea - wich suits me fine. Plus he always spends at least an hour with me when I visit.

I am pretty sure you can find Desmodium in the states, it is sometimes combined with stuff like extrxct of artichoke or black radish in liquid form... (bet you're running for that burger by now :D)

thanks for the help!


water duck:
Cher Pat,

Doucement  ;) ;) ;)

There are on the AM who still think homeopathy is alot of B S !!




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