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NAC vs. Milk Thistle

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Thanks for the advice!

Actually the only thing homeopathic I take from time to time is for diarreah and it works...for me. The rest is not homeopathic but phytotherapy, i.e. plant extracts. After all the active principle in aspirin was derived from tree bark and lots of molecules produced by the big pharmas are copies of stuff found in plants or minerals.

Why do  these companies all have people scouring the few remaining jungles of the world and test marine life for new compouds? Just to pay their scientists a nice holiday? I doubt it... :D

Gosh, I hope I don't come across as pedantic or arrogant :o, I've given up being a denialist quite some time ago ::)

A friend of mine who eats plenty of meat calls artichokes "vegetarian hand grenades"...


Gee Chris,
The only thing you take that I don't is the NAC and CoQ10.

I do take milk thistle, 200 milligrams standardized, each day. I have avoided CoQ10 because my doctor said there is some information possibly linking it with accelerated development of peripheral neuropathy.

I have been taking milk thistle for many years. I can't say that it prevented my liver from developing problems, but I have managed to stay on AZT for 10 years without it cratering, so that may be something.

Before the advent of the coctails, my doctor at the time had me taking relatively high doses of selenium. There wasn't too much else available that was working very well and it was worth a shot. I don't know whether it helped, but it didn't hurt.




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