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Had a mild paddy in the clinic

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I don't post often but thought I would share my recent experience with you all.
Brief summary - diagnosed since March 06 after getting seriously ill (nearly died) with PCP, after a hiccup with the hospital thinking I had TB (lab error) started meds (Kivexa and Sustiva) 6 weeks ago VL already dropped by 200000 no change really in CD4 (still 80ish).
Anyhow I was on Septrin to prevent the PCP but developed an allergy to it so went onto Pentamidine every 2 weeks combined with a clinic appt every 3 weeks - it makes working shifts difficult.
To make matters worse the wait to see the doctor can take up to 2 1/2 hours (the record so far) and the very brief chat only takes 5/10 Min's - he's an excellent Dr and hence very popular.
So I turn up on Monday for a 1330 appt followed by a 1400 nebulizer appt - 1415 still not seen the Dr - not normally an issue but I was meant to be at work that afternoon.
I politely complain about the wait and the impact it has on me esp. trying to hold down a full time job - nurses then tell me the Dr actually doesn't turn up till 1400 for his clinic - i remind the nurse that it is a bit silly giving an appt time prior to the Dr turning up.
I then miss my turn in the queue for the Dr because in have to get my nebulizer as the room is booked solid all afternoon !!!
The head nurse overhears my conversation and suggests that I do the nebulizer at home (funny enough I used to be a nurse and specialised in HIV !!) and promptly comes along with a compressor and a box of goodies.
The Dr suddenly turned up apologised profusely - asking if there was anything else they could do for me - I told him to stop being nice as I already felt bad for complaining.

Whilst I think the clinic nurse are too busy running the clinic and forget to care for the patients - it's the age old story in the UK unless you stamp occasionally you wont get good service.

My point - not really sure what it was - the sustiva makes me really forgetfull - is the hour it takes me to get to the clinic - the hour (if not more) i wait to see the Dr - makes it all the more difficult to "manage" my HIV.

rant over



Bitch away my in the good ol' U S of A my doctor visit is an all day affair. I've learned not to schedule appt on a work day (if possible). I always apply Murphy's Law to a visit to the doc....if it can go wrong it will. Then, if it does not go wrong I'm a happy camper.

I am glad you are feeling better and keep that stiff British upper lip I so admire.

Hal ;)

Poz Brit:
Rant and moan as much as you like, that the purpose of this place, I am also in the UK and have found my clinic always more than helpful and friendly, oh, and welcome to these forums.



I must pay a compliment to my doctor.  I have never had to wait more than ten minutes in the waiting room.  The doctor and nurses have wireless notebook computers.  They pull up my records or order lab work in an instant.  If I need any medications he orders them on his computer and I can pick them up at the pharmacy on the way home.  The only complaint is the traffic on the way there and back.  They put in a bunch of these darn round-abouts and I just can get the hang of the more complicated ones. 

I was diagnosed about three months ago.  I've responded well to the medications (Sustiva and Truvada)with very minor side effects and my labs improve with every test.  I haven't missed a day of work.  I feel better than I have in years (physically).  My best wishes to you all and feel fortunate to have found this forum. 


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