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My cousin from Europe just told me he has HIV

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And I'm simply shocked!  Does anyone know how the medications here differ from the ones in Europe?  I'd like to help him however I can.



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It's difficult to answer your question without knowing where "here" is. Please clarify?


Sometimes the brand names are different, but Europe gets the same medications. There's usually a 12-18 month delay before the newer drugs become available as approval takes longer and marketing messages are  adjusted. But yeah, as far as EU countries are considered, we Euros get the same stuff.

Andy Velez:
Gent, you can direct your cousin to this site if he isn't already familiar with it.

And you can simply be supportive and interested (without hovering) over him. He's still the same guy he was before he became HIV+. While he will no doubt appreciate your concern it will also be good for him to know that you know he's still the same person he always was. Take your cues from him about what might be helpful for him

You're also always welcome to ask questions here or to discuss anyting you are concerned about.


Drugs are the same. Some combinations are not available but the same molecules are available separately. This is happening now with Atripla wich in Europe is available in two different pills instead of one. Brand names also differ. If he is living in a European country of the EU he will receive treatment and meds free.


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