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Since my diagnosis in May (good numbers) I've been super paranoid about getting sick (staph or pneumonia)...and I wake up today with a fever of 101 and I flip out like I'm dying.  "No you're not going to die", my friend told me. Haha..ugh. Back to bed.

I don't think you're crazy. The first weeks and months following the diagnosis are no easy time. Your mind plays tricks on your body and creates monsters and demons. Most of the time, it helps if you find yourself a counsellor who is used to this situation. After a while, you get accustomed to your diagnosis, the anxiety fades and you'll see that life goes on. No need to worry mate, many more have made the same experience, gone through the dark valley but now are back, alive and kicking. Never give up.


You're still going to get ordinary, run of the mill colds and flu from time to time and it's nothing to freak out about. Saying that, most of us go through this at first so you're not alone.

Most of the illnesses that are dangerous to us are ones that you will only become acquainted with if your counts go below 200. Hopefully you will try out the hiv meds before this ever happens.

These illnesses are referred to as Opportunistic Infections, or OIs for short. There is a section on them in the Lessons. A normal headcold or flu is NOT an OI.

For myself, I got over the paranoia after educating myself as much as I could about the virus - and time... time will help too.

Of course if you are still worried about a fever or anything else going on with your body, by all means contact your doctor for further advice. When in doubt, see your doctor.


I'm sorry, I lol'd when I read your post.  I remember going through the paranoia phase. Right after diagnosis, I would notice any little change in or on my body and think it's because of the hiv, or that my body won't be able to heal some very minor thing because of hiv.  The paranoia will subside with time, I promise.

I don't know if I would consider a fever minor though.  I guess it would depend on how high it is.  Just be sure and tell your HIV doctor about it.

I hope it your fever breaks soon.

Hi Shadow,

since you're reading this, your not dead, so I hope you're feeling better? Like minus said, everything that we used to take as an annoyance now seems to be HIV related. You haven't seen my panic about little bruises on my arms, everybody on here must have laughed their ass off.

Like before, if the fever is not going down, just see your doctor. Your latest numbers certainly not suggest anything HIV related.

I know it's not easy to stop thinking about HIV, but everyone on here will tell you that although it will be part of your life, it will fade out, you won't think about it 24h/day, and sooner than you expect :)



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