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I am really not sure what is going on!

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I am in my 10th day of spotting. It is really getting annoying and I am pretty sure that it is not from the pregnancy because I had about a week of no bleeding. Luckily we have success with the female condom not breaking so far but I am so tired of finally being able to wear my sexy undies again but cannot because of the spotting!
I am thinking that it might be the depo shot. I really want to keep doing it so that I lose my period for a while and can talk the ID into Atripla which he will only give with birth control in women my age.

I hope your spotting is getting better.  I am in the pre-menopause stage, I think.  I'll know more Monday, as the doctor ordered some labs on hormones as well as the regular HIV rounds.

Hi Mom

I know this is a bit personall so please don't take offence...but it could be having sex so soon after the baby that may be causing you to spot for this takes a little time to get everything back together and working normally..just a suggestion.

Have you talked to your Doc regarding a D & C?..a good clean out may help, sometimes that's all it takes..also have you been checked by the Doc for ovarial cysts?

hope you can get something sorted out soon.

Jan :-*


your dr should have made you aware that depo provera can cause irregular/increased bleeding in some women, which usually resolves after the first 2-3 cycles. The likelihood of this side effect increases if it is given shortly after giving birth - it's best delayed about 6 weeks if possible.

it is worth speaking to your dr about this, to rule out any other cause of bleeding, & also discuss whether you want to continue with the depo-p  in the future - also to address some of the other issues you're experiencing, & trying to get them all sorted so you can fully enjoy the new arrival  :)


Thanks everyone! I have had ovarian cysts before but have not been checked since before I was pregnant.


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