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one year into this

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I love good news, and yours is good!

When he gets down, please try to remind him that this disease is not static, and that when we are going through some bad days, they inevitably turn around after a short time.  What does often happen, is we sometimes get stuck in negative stuff, and then it becomes harder and harder to see the good days when they come along.  We have to focus on the good times.

In Love and Support.

Nadine..Thanks so much for your post. Since im in the same situation as you are, I always look forward to anything you post.

Its only been (almost) 2 months for us since finding out hubby is HIV+ but he sounds so much like your hubby. He wont talk about his HIV and when i bring it up like telling him things i have learned here he will listen and then change the subject really fast. I know its still all new to him and i wonder if it has hit him yet.

I hope you both have a wonderful vacation doing landscaping projects together. Sometimes the best vacations are staying home spending time together.


Hi Nadine

Wow, time really does fly doesn't it?   Your husband is very lucky to have you, and so are we !




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