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HI anyone have any information on trveling abroad with hiv status .Do you need to declare status or just say nothing? what about meds?? planning a trip to costa rica dont need any problems while on vaction thanks for any reply, new to forum, I am from florida diagnosed 10/2005 viral 1000000 <20 t  2/06 vl<50 cd 39   4/19  <50 cd 70  164lbs 2005  186 lbs  6/26/06 truvada kaltera no side effects .. thank you

There are only a few countries that deny entry to tourists with HIV. The U.S. is one of them. Russia is another. Costa Rica, Canada, Mexico, and most European countries do not deny entry to HIV-positive visitors.

For a complete country-by-country list of travel requirements for people with HIV check this link:  International Travel with HIV

Have a great trip, and don't worry.


You shouldn't have any problems with regards to restrictions on entering the country.  Just make sure you keep your meds with you (don't put them in your checked luggage).  The airlines have an uncanny ability to lose luggage, just when you need it the most.

Have fun!

I have traveled a few times outside of the US with my meds. I took a letter from my doctor, kept the pills in the original containers, and carried them in my carry-on bag. I have also traveled with fuzeon, plus all the needles. I called the airline and asked if they had any policies on carrying needles. They said no....But did suggest that I tell the baggage screeners, which I did, and all they said was Thank you.

I went through customs in a few other countries with the fuzeon, and told them about the needles, and they could have cared less.

One time coming back into the US, I told customs that I had needles for medication purposes, and the customs guy sort of stared at me for a while, made me uncomfortable, and annoyed, then waved me through.

I don't think you will have any problems. Watch what you eat and drink so you don't pick up any stomach problems. I ask would your Dr if there is anything you can take before you go, or take an antibiotic in case you pick up a bug while there. Have fun!!

Assuming you're a US citizen, no problems (other posters have covered the issues). If you're NOT a US citizen (even if you have a Green Card), then the situation is somewhat different, when returning to the US.



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