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Queen Tokelove:
I haven't ever been on a vacation, not financially possible. I was trying to go camping but that didn't seem to pan out either...Maybe next year.. :(

My new boyfriend and I are going on vacation with his family to TN. We have lots of things planned for our time up there, such as white water rafting, dollywood, possible underground cavern explores, go carts... We leave next week, and I honestly can't wait!

Sounds like a lot of fun..
I havent been on vacation since about er ummmmmmmmmm 4 yrs ago..Iam over due..but right now
iam finanically challenged......Wanna put me in your suitcase.. :o)   Have a great time and be careful of
those rapids..

White water rafting would scare the hell out of me.  You have more courage than I do.  Hope you have fun.


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