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Profile info/just a thought on the age thing

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With my having grown up in the Dont trust anyone over thirty generation. I could care less about anyone's age. Im not here in this forum to get laid (at least not today) Im here for the information and the camaraderie with persons from all walks of life and from all over the world who share the same situation in health and living with HIV/AIDS matters as I do.

I guess I could say from Jaser (the youngest) to myself and a few other of the way over forty crowd.

What Id really like to know is what happens to Gay people after they reach forty that seems to make them so undesirable? It didnt happen to me. I still have to beat them off with a stick. Or is it that I chase them with a stick? HeHeHe! Senior moment!  ;D


I'm 31 from Portland, Oregon. So what's it to ya???  ;D


........"or is that I chase them with a stick?" So that's what they are calling walkers these days. Am I senile? Didn't we just go through the "how old are you" thread a couple of weeks ago? Do you have to keep reminding how old I am? God damnit you kids get off my lawn!

Methusala >:(

My theory is through my observation of gay men, most of them tend to put an emphasis on youth = beauty = desirable. Apparently, once youth goes, the other two go as well. I've personally never subscribed to that method of thinking, but I've noticed it.

side note: I was shocked yesterday when I saw how old Jaser is. I thought, "Oh my god. That's got to be REALLY hard."

Back to Birthday Posting:

My opinion is that there are other more important numbers that you're not being asked to put in your profile. The birthday really isn't going to hurt.

If they put AGE in the profile info I predict a large # of 69 year olds.
I know how people are.

who stopped counting at 19, because he ran out of digits.


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