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Profile info/just a thought on the age thing

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Allang...thanks you hit the nail on the head. That is the logical solution.Thanks , as always interesting input.


The only reason the software asks for your birthdate is so it can be automatically updated. Nobody can see your birthdate, it is translated into your age. Not even us moderators can see your birthdate - so for all you nervous nellies out there... feel free to enter your birthdate in the knowledge that only your age will show in your profile.

And dats the troof. Pffft. :P


Hold everything for one minuet. Identity theft is very profitable and I bet any decent hacker could slip into the data base at aidsmeds and abscond with any info desired.

Some time ago we had a flurry of questions about personal info spread out over several posts. Many people caught on and made mention of this fact along with a warning to everyone who posts on this site. Now we are going to put sensitive info into a system, publicly displayed or not, that probably isn't as secure as on line banking.

Why take the risk?!

I would not mind putting out some vague info about myself or even some very specific info, like the most recent picture of me that I use as my avatar!  ;D  But, I really don't like someone keeping some very specific info about me on a web site that isn't secure, locked, hacker safe, whatever the term used. Most personal info is probably out there anyway, but why make things easier for some jerk hacker criminal!

Just say'en


And no, I'm not afraid of my own shadow, some other person's shadow maybe, but not mine!


Anybody want to steal my identity? They're quite welcome to my bills and the 1.50 I have in my bank account at the moment. :D

Seriously though, I don't have a clue about hacker issues, but I wouldn't think that an hiv website would be any hacker's first choice for lucrative pickings. After all, they want a payout for their efforts. I suppose for those of you who actually have bank balances worth nicking, maybe you should be more cautious.

Or am I being incredibly naive and financially flabbergasted?



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