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Profile info/just a thought on the age thing

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I noticed that most people don't put there age or location on their profile. I think the reason for this may be that when you go to put in that info, you are asked to put in your birthday. I don't think many of us would want to that for security and fraud reasons. However, if it simply asked for you age, maybe more of us would put it in there(?) Just a thought. When I post a response, I feel that if I knew the age/location of the person would be most helpful. My response would be different if I knew the person is 18 vs. say, 40. Just a thought.

That's fine if you want to stay 40 forever.  The birthday is used to track truthfully someones age, I guess. 

Jeffry, I notice that you don't practice what you preach. 

The thing that irks me is when people put other peoples pictures as their avatar.

Guess I really never noticed that but I don't care about sharing my age,it's just another fact of life.

kc: based on what jeffrey wrote about fraud/security, .......drum roll please.....he's probably apprehensive

does a bear crap in the forest?

I work part-time for a credit union, and that's exactly why I don't post my birthdate online.
There's only a handful of qualifiers we use to confirm a person's identity over the phone, and birthdate is one of them.
And I must come clean about my avatar.  It's not me.


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