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We Need New Ambassadors!

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This is serious!

The two we've currently got have clearly lost it!

For example:

(Please note I am not making specific reference to either ambassador's names in the interest of fairness!)

1.  In the last PM SHE suggested we try and find "maple flavored condoms" for the goody bags.  SHE then went on to ask what flavor lube would go best with those condoms.   ::)

2.  HE switches back and forth from French to English in such a way that I find confusing.  (Note:  I may or may not have committed everyone to participate in a strip tease burlesque show at 11:30 p.m. on Friday!)

3.  They are both up to something.  They have some sort of SECRET  that they refuse to disclose. (Or at least I suspect they do.  They make casual reference to it, but when asked they play dumb!) That scares me frankly!


(Who is in awe  of SAE and The Canuck for how much they are doing for us--even if he suspects they are evil!)

Ric Wilke:
RAB, I think I might know what is going on . . .

I feel compelled to defend myself....

I was in my office working on AMG stuff when SUDDENLY it hit me...

Maple Flavored condoms from the Great White North POLE.

(who doesn't understand what playing dumb means)

ummmmm.  Now I don't know what to think. But I have to tell you MR. GDAMG guy, these ambassadors looped a double-whammy on me.  However, it goes down, I'm going to stand in their corner.  I'm hooked and it's too late to do anything about it now.  If they're going down, I'm going down with them....


(who just loves maple syrup on its own and is ending the month in an exceptionally good mood considering it was 117' here the other day.)

The Canuck:

--- Quote ---The two we've currently got have clearly lost it!
--- End quote ---

Does it mean I shall resigned ?  ???

The Canuck
(Who isn't personally crazy of Maple syrup)


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