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"1 CD4" - What's the Cost in US Currancy?

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I was looking through the Associate Handbook index and could not find "Bitch Slap". Woha is me.. :'(

That is down right gross.... :o >:( :o :o :o

Good question Eric.

Here's how I see it.

I've been on meds since Dec. 2004. (30 months).
I spend an average of $2000.00/MONTH.

Total spent on drugs:  $60,000.

current T-cells     540
T-cells Dec. 2004: 18

Net increase:  528 T-cells.

Cost per T-cell (528/60,000) = 115.00.

That's just the cost of the medicine.  That does not take into account the cost of the Dr.s visits, transportation, ancillory costs incurred to depression, anxieity, time off from work, etc.    And, of course, there is always that ever-present "pain and suffering". 

I'm sure there is an economist somewhere who can put values on all the intangibles and come up with a good number.  Until then, well, let's just round it off to, say, $200 - $250 per T-cell?  I don't know.  What do yo think?


(who wouldn't be the least surprised if someone somewhere has already figured this out)


Hmmm... I always thought CD4 cells were priceless.

I would have said to her what I always say to people who cough/sneeze in my face...

"Didn't your mother teach you to cover your mouth when you cough/sneeze? It's what polite people do, you know."


I agree with, Ann.
These friggin' T-Cells are absolutely PRICELESS!!
Feel better, Eric  ;)



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