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"1 CD4" - What's the Cost in US Currancy?

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Five Days ago, I was dealing with a guest.  We were having a pleasant conversation and I was finalizing her "stay", then she Sneezed a big loogy at me without covering her mouth and I literally had to whipe my face!! "Oh I am sorry, I have this awful cold"   :'( I gave her this very glaring look and pulled my hanky out and wiped my face.   "I said oh that's ok" (you f**king ASS).  So given the fact she is a multi-millionaire.  How much do I charge for every CD4 that now is being directed at my cold that I have developed from this guest?   $1,000, $10,000 dollars?  Ive got her credit card.  I would just charge it under MIE (Miscellaneous Infection Expense).   I am sure the hotel will back me on that... I should have wished her well and "Thanked her for helping Kill me and come back soon!"

Anyway, I have a cold and this will be my first since my diagnosis.   Weeee... Another marker... :-\


Rich rude wench. Bitch slap her next time. But cash out the credit card first.

Poor advice I know, but what is wrong with some people!


Get well Eric and say hi to William.

Totally agree with BB on that one Eric, you should have bitch slapped the troll.  Hurling boogers at high speed is so classy! NOT.  What's her credit card details? I need some new cross-trainers. LOL

I don't know how I've avoided colds and the flu so far, I've been sneezed and hacked on by my hairdresser, and my ex that I live with has also had the flu!


--- Quote from: Eric on June 28, 2006, 09:15:04 PM ---"Oh I am sorry, I have this awful cold"    

--- End quote ---

that's all she said?!!?   ??? ???  wow - she's atrociously self-centered  >:(


That was so f******g rude of her. What gives her the right to send slob your way because she is a multi-millionare? None. Bitch slap is what she should have gotten.

Take some Advil Cold and Sinus and call it the day.


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