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Worrying Freddy:
Okay I went for a family vacation to New Orleans. And got a few different things that happened to me which I am worrying about.

1. Since we went to a hotel, we broght one towel for the whole family to use. My mother and grandmother used the showers first and all used the same towel to wipe their body. I was third to take a shower and also used the same towel to wipe my body. I am a male, btw.

Since both my mother and my grandmother used the towel, which most likely has touched their vaginas, and then ME a boy, using the towel to also wipe my body like the penis, would this be any risk for any type of STD?

2. We also had one bathroom in the hotel room. And my grandmother went to the bathroom to take a dump. What I am worried about is using the same toilet paper she used which she might have touched with her hand while she wiped  which might have contact with her vaginal area.

Is it possible for STD or HIV through this contact if I had used the same toilet paper to cover my penis while I ejaculated onto it? Like if the head of my penis touched the part of the toilet paper which had contact with her hand which might have had contact with her vaginal region?

3. I went out a club and also went to this girl at the clubs hotel room, and she began to give me a handjob. Is this possible HIV?

Can you get an STD if the other person does not have STD? So like is it possible for an STD come out of two CLEAN people with no STD?

Or could there be some bacteria due to old age in their vaginal area?

Andy Velez:
Freddy, no one can give you an STD they don't have. And HIV is not passed in any of the ways in which you are concerned.
It is not passed through towels, doorknobs, touching or masturbation or being masturbated by someone else.

You need to read the lesson on this site about Transmission so that you are down with the basics about HIV. THis epidemic is going to be around for a longtime to come and you can't afford to be ignorant about the issues. Following safer sex guidelines will spare you a lot of unnecessary worrying such as you seem to be experiencing now.

Some STDs such as herpes or gonorrhea can be passed through contact with an infected person. You can get all of the basic information about them from your doctor.

There's no cause for further concern about HIV in relation to what you've asked, but please read the lesson I suggested,


Worrying Freddy:
Is it possible to get some sort of bacterial infection from sharing a towel with your grandmother who's sort of old? Like would they more "unclean" in their vaginal area and if they used the towel you shared, and you wiped with the part her vagina touched on your penis?

I really don't know why we only brand one towel. We intended on using hotel's towels, but they had none, so we used our beach towel which we planned to use for a picnic.

You won't get HIV and this is an HIV site.

Worrying Freddy:
Okay sorry, but can you jsut answeer the STD question, ill stop with STD questions after someone answers.


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