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I know theres quite a few postings similar to this, but thought i'd post all the same.

I'm a 24 yeard old male and last night I was walking home from a drunken night out. I don't even normally go out that much let alone get drink as much as I did.
Basically a street prostitute gave me a hand job. It was over in about 3/4 minutes max, but at the same time (and quite bizarrly) she decided she wanted to take a pee :-\. So whilst assisting me in one hand proceeded to urinate next to me!  :o

I dont think at any time her urine touched me, but i'm worried that she may have already had some on the same hand she was relieving me with, or even minute traces made it on to my body.

She looked quite (without meaning to sound derogatory) dirty and unhygenic, and I know it was only a handjob, but i'm concerned that a) I could have been infected by her urine or b) by something else i.e if she had something like blood on her hands, or a cut or if she had any vaginal fluid on her hand/s. I'm pretty sure she was a drug user too.

I know people have been in far more concerning situations, but I would really appreciate anyones thoughts on this.



Urine is not infectious and getting a handjob is not a transmission risk.

Andy Velez:
Antos, you were absolutely not at risk for HIV in this incident. Getting a handjob is not a risk for HIV transmission and as Rod has told you, urine is not an infectious fluid for transmission of HIV.

Two things do concern me about what you have written. First that you were drunk when you were fooling around. Mixing excessive drinking and casual sex is potentially dangerous as your ability to negotiate safer sex is impaired. Avoid that mix in the future.

Secondly, your questions, (which I am glad you asked), indicates you need to get up to speed on the basics about HIV transmission. Please read our lesson on Transmission. There's a link to it in the Welcome thread which opens this section. You get the information there that you need to know about protection against HIV transmission.

Happily this time there is no cause for further concern.


Thank you for taking the time to reply.

I apologise for my naivety and for not doing my research first, its just I felt that I wanted to explain my rather bizarre situation personally, since I know that every circumstance is different.

I definately agree with you was a bad combination and something I will avoid in future! I don't even drink normally so hopefully there wont be a reacurrance! Even though I had drunk a lot I did kind of know what I was doing in a way...i would never have had full sex or anything like i suppose in that sense, my boundries were imprinted in me even when intoxicated. But I know everyone reacts differently when under the influence.

I wish everyone the best and thanks again


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