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Knowing this for two days already

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Hi everyone.
I am 29yo man, and i knew this poz news two days ago when i came back for the results of the test.
It is pretty sad to know, just hope i still would be alive for a number of years.
Anyway, i really need your advise what steps i need to take now in terms of maybe going for additional testing, starting treatment, in other words what to do? Sitting home and attending my job place like every day before is not enough now. I need your advice guys and gals. Thanks.

I am a newbie myself (may 07) and it has been hard....just get your numbers cd4's and viral load then start from there...I attended a program that educated me about hiv replication and how hiv effects the was very informative.....don't let this diease let you down...hopefully you have someone supportive to help you through this time...just look to this site...everyone here are pretty good people.....good luck ;)

Hello CA2007,

first of all, welcome to the forums. I'm sorry that you test positive, but there are now good treatments that should help you live a good life for years. Did you just take the test, or are you followed up with a doctor? What must happen now is to do some blood tests to see how your body is reacting to the virus. That's the first thing to do before even thinking about medication. You will soon get acquainted with the terms we use (cd4, vl, etc), but right now the focus is to find someone that will work with you.

It is highly recommended to follow up with a doctor who is specialized in HIV, not your general practioner.


Thanks for quick replies. Just need to know how to start finding a doctor. Do i get to the med center saying I am POZ and i need a doctor? But this would sound like a voluntary disclosure to a complete stranger. How is that practically done?

Well, can you share with us where you live? Did you go to an anonymous center to get tested? Can you tell us a bit how you got the results and what test was done? I would imagine that once you have the positive results you should be referred to an ID (Infectious Diseases) doctor, but it may depend on where you live?



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