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Poor Hubby got his shots!

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Please tell your husband for me that he is one very lucky man.  I had a female doctor at one time that was so incompetent, that we sold our home and moved one state over to get a doctor that was competent.  He saved my life, and continues to be one very professional person.  He is also totally cute, and has a very wry sense of humor that I love dearly.

Good for you guys.  Now you need to start getting your husband to start thinking about what he is going to do when his health starts to turn around and he starts healing his immune system.  You know, boredom is not very good with this disease, we all need to stay busy.  He can start to think about that now, and it will help him to heal and focus on staying healthy.

In Love and Support

Sounds like awesome DR there Miss T ...LoL. Thanks for making me smile ...

Yes i think hubby has a fantastic doctor. There are 2 drs there and the other one was the first dr to really get behind the aids epidemic here in Wichita. She herself is a great dr.

Thanks Andy...we were both happy and relieved that i tested negative again.

Moffie..hubby has an old tractor that he is trying to get running. That keeps him pretty busy. He usually has a big garden that keeps him busy but this yr with everything that has been happening he doesnt have one. He grows the best cantelopes, watermelons, okra, and cucumbers. We are sure gonna miss those cantelopes.


Teresa, my parents live in your town..  I am so glad you have found the "right" doctor.   I think it takes a very special person who truly cares about his/her patients.   Our fate is in their hands (so to speak)...  Its nice to be able to sleep at night knowing they are looking out for us...



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