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Poor Hubby got his shots!

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Hubby went in for his first set of labs since starting his meds tonite. Should get them sometime next week. He also got a Pneumonia, Hepatitis A&B combo, and a tetanus shot. Poor hubby.

His doctor is a little Asian woman who is more like a stand up comic than a dr. She is sarcastic, but in a funny way. I told her on the first visit I thought she was a man because the GP had called her a he. She said well i have been told i have just waiting for them to drop. I knew from that moment i was gonna like her.
He asked the dr about checking his testosterone. She asked him if he was having trouble having an erection and he was trying to decide how to phrase it. SHe looked at him and said "Do you have a boner in the morning?" He busted out laughing. Then she told him about getting the shots he said something under his breath and she said oh dont be a pussy. Dont get it wrong she is very professional when talking about meds and asking how hes feeling. She just throws that sarsacism in here and there. I think it really makes hubby feel better to have someone to spar with. I know he always leaves feeling good about things. Oh and he is getting his testosterone checked. I will be sure and let ya'll know what his labs are. I know it takes awhile for his CD4 to go up and his VL to go down. I will be happy for any change in the right direction.

Oh i had a HIV quick test done...20 minutes..and im still negative. Just wanted another test because i wasnt sure i was in the window on the first one.


that's really cool.

I wish my doctor just said it bluntly/humorously at times.   My doctor is great, don't get me wrong, but I would love some comedy in something that is less than comedic.   Sometimes humor really helps.   

But i do love my doctor and I feel that he really listens to me and also questions what I tell him.... not that he doesn't 'believe' me, but to understand more... like when i requested lexapro, an antidepressent, he asked me what I hope to fix with it rather than just saying yes or no.... so he would understand more what I was feeling and why i wanted it. 

Unlike my GP, who when i asked for some xanax (just a few pills because i was feeling very stressed) denied them outright because i drank.

um... WTF?   I have all these damn chemicals in my body already.... one extra isn't gonna damn matter.

Glad you both like her.  Sounds like she makes a great doctor who can put her patients at ease and talk like a person....and not a detached doctor.

My Doctor swears cracks bad jokes and is as sarcastic as me.

But he to listens and asks the right questions and sometimes they are deep.

I have had a few meltdowns in his office......Always around needles and blood work.

He never makes light  of it.

Glad you two have a Docto you like and trust that is so important l think.

Sometimes l think the swearing,humor,sarcasm is their way of coping with all they see and do.

Hey Miss T:

Sounds like your hubby's doc has a gift of using humor and sarcasm to help lower the anxiety level while still maintaining the ability to listen, evaluate, and doctor!

I love docs like that. 


(Who laughed at the "they haven't dropped yet" line!)

Andy Velez:
Sounds like your hubby has the right doctor, Teresa.

And that is very, VERY happy news about your testing negative again. Way to go!

Let us know if his doc's balls ever really drop. Might be a medical phenomenon there.

Good to get your report.



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