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Moffie: I read your article. I write to say that you inspire me in two ways. First, to continue with HIV research studies in which I'm involved as a participant, and to be on the look out for new ones. Second, to be grateful for every day my immune system works with me and to do everything I can to assist it. I've read many of your posts and have appreciated the wisdom you've shared with the brave, and, the scared. Having read your account of your body rejecting its regimen, I am moved---simply,energetically, moved. Em

Great job on the article! Thanks for sharing it.. Damn man, you are one brave person for doing this.  You are inspiring me to want to do more. You are an amazing person. Your openness and honesty is greatly appreciated.

To all of you, thanks very much.

Yes, Sierra Vista is a beautiful place, and I love living here, even though we are in the news on a regular basis about the US/Mexico border situation.  Since Texas has increased its surveillance of the border in that state, and the same in California, we are experiencing a huge influx of people coming north across the border here, and so there are loads of law enforcement, military, and National security forces here.  All in all, not a very receptive audience for issues around HIV/AIDS. 

One note of interest, I received a call last night from someone interested in talking about their daughter who is HIV+ and wanting to move here to take care of aging parents, so at 9am, I am going for coffee with her and discuss the needs the daughter might have. 

See, it does help to come out and speak of our needs as HIV+'s.

In Love, and Gratefulness for this wonderful assemblage of people.

Excellent,thanks for sharing the link to your story.  I wonder if my sister in Bernalillo is familiar with your article.  She is a nurse and I heard from her recently and she is changing jobs and is joining an integrative medicine practice where they offer alternative perspectives and treatments.

Will watch for your weekly updates

Congratulationsualtions, Moffie!  :)
I just read the first article that was posted online and I loved it!
Like, Teresa, I'll be looking forward to reading these every month  ;D

Peace & Love
(from very Republican!),
Kelly  8)[/center]


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