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After a very complete make-over, our local paper, which I contribute a column on HIV monthly, has now made my column available online.  I want to remind those of you who do not know the background on this, I was invited to write a monthly column, by the Mormon Family that owns the paper.  I of course accepted, and have been doing so since February.  I have copies of the columns from the past, but will not place them here, but maybe in my Blog.  They are probably not very interesting to anyone here, as they are applicible to this very conservative Republican territory, near the Mexican Border.  Can you say Tombstone Vigilantes?

The link to todays edition is

I just made an attempt to bring up the rest of the columns, but this is the first one to appear online.  I will be posting this each month on the last Wednesday of the month.  Thursday, for you wonderful neighbors down under. I hope you look around the paper, as on the front page, you have loads of nice things to look at around where I live.  There is one very nice guide to Cochise County I know you will love.  Beautiful Photography!


In Love.

Just read your i cant wait for the last wednesdays of the month to read them.


Sierra Vista is very scenic with the mountains so close and the large number of hummingbirds that live there. I was married in the army in Germany and upon my return to the USA we stopped in Sierra Vista to visit with my wife's parents. During our stay I helped fight a mountain forest fire.

Congratulations on your appointment and your column Tim. I'm looking forward to some very informative reading.


P.S. Hope all is well with you.

Hello Tim,

Very good article. Open an honest, right to the point. Wishing you the best in health and future articles, you will have to keep us informed.


moffie, you silly moffie.. post em when they are available.

Just cuz they might not apply to everybody doesn't mean somebody won't get anything out of it.... even if it's just one person.... (though knowing you, you are so insightful)

Haven't read it yet, but will in a tiddle after i piddle.


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