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Im new here! :}

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Welcome to the Forums,Karla.. I am Cristy , have been around since about Nov. 2005. This is a really great place with lots of wonderful people.  Hop[e you enjoy.  Cristy

Thanks, Karla :) I'm here often, and post where I can and feel helpful.

It's funny you mention how you and your husband met in a chat room. I'm dating again, and met my current boyfriend on an HIV dating site. He's an awesome guy and am really enjoying him.

And as far as dysfunctional families, hahaha, I'm with you there, Babe!! But my entire family knows my status, even the ones who live in Backwoods, USA.

Again, welcome here :)

Hi Karla-

I'm a newbie to the site and tested poz for about 1.5 years.  I never joined a forum before this one, and I find it to be a great place of support and information.



Hi Karla,

Welcome to the forums. I have been poz for I am doing great with good counts. I have been taking meds for 10 yrs. now. I am glad you found this place. Most of the people on here are great.Its like a big family around here. If you have a question or a problem someone on here can help. I don't post a lot or respond to a lot of post but i am on here most every day. I know how you feel about telling people about being poz. It took me a few yrs. before i told people. I now tell and it is ok. Some have walked away but then that is their problem. Most of my friends stayed and are fine with it. My family is wonderful about it and very suported. I hope you stay around and meet some great friends.


Well hello girlfriend..Nice to meet you ..come get acquainted with all of us and we will learn from one another..
Ive been hiv for 20 yrs..Had many ups and downs, but iam still here and living
life..If you ever feel the need to talk. email me personally..Iam not shy at all.
and love to meet others in my same situation..


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