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Im new here! :}

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Just wanted to introduce myself. Im Karla, I have been + for 17 years now. I have been in and out of hiv/aids chatrooms for the past few years , I did not know this was here!I think its FABULOUS that not only is there a forum for us as + people, but for women!! Woohoo! I tried the group support, but I was always the ONLY woman there! Hope to meet some new friends here & learn some new things :}

Welcome to the forums, Fky :)

I'm one of the quiet ones, but I do check here every day.

I was diagnosed 13 years ago, and lost my husband nearly two years ago as a result of this disease. I have a 14 year old daughter (she's negative) who just celebrated her birthday yesterday :)

Looking forward to hearing from you more!

Thanks for the fast reply, Iz! Im sorry about your hubby.  :(  I have an 11 yr old son (neg, too). Ive been married for a little over a year now, we met in an hiv chatroom of all places. Hope youre not TOO quiet, its nice to be able to talk to someone in my shoes, ya know? Alot of friends & coworkers still dont know my status, and my family...well, dysfunction-junction  lol

Hello Karla and Welcome! Approaching the four-year mark. I post periodically. Check in daily. Have found the site to be a resource for new information, relevant social contact and humor which I need as much as air. Em

Welcome FKY, this is a great place to keep one's sanity here. You always meet someone who has been in your situation before, or if mot, people are always ready to give you good advise and a shoulder to cry on. I started taking my meds in 2002, but I am not sure when I got infected. I joined the forum in 2004 and have found it to be the best support group that I can ever have although once in a while I get too busy to post or browse through, but the fact that it is there gives me tremendous comfort! :)


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