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two questions for the experts


A few days ago, I gave this guy a massage. When he took his t-shirt off, he had these black large spots on his torso - my instinct told me not to massage him but I felt he was going to feel bad given his coondition - so I did but avoided the spots (some of the spots were irritated and had dried blood) - after the massage, I asked the guy what they were and he said they were moles he was trying to get rid of for years! Didn't sound like anything I had heard before. Later tha day, I was online and reading about massaging people with skin conditions and found something that said you can get infected not only with hiv but with whatever the person has. I am convinced there is no risk for hiv involved but I am scared that I may have contracted whatever the guy had - like scabia or something worst.

Now I have a second question. For years, ever since I remember - I have these two white spots below the head of my penis and a smal one on the head itself. I asked my doctors in my last visit if there is a way to get rid of them. He said that they were nothing I should worry about, but if I wanted to get rid of them, he would freez them with nitrogen and they would fall off. Have not decided what to do yet. Has anyone done this before? Is it a good idea? Should I do it?

Thank you for replying to both my questions!

You can not get HIV by a massage and if you wash your hand between clients then you don't have a risk of contracting anything. I'm sure you were told that during your studies. As for the other if the doctor says he can remove them and they concern you have it done.

Andy Velez:
I'm just chiming in to support what Rod has said. Even IF whatever was on your client's back is/was HIV-related, (which I have to say I doubt), touching them would not have you at risk for HIV transmission. HIV is a fragile virus and not easily transmitted.

It's particularly important for you as a health professional to be come better informed about transmission issues. Please read our lesson about this. There's a link to it in the Welcome thread which opens this section.

As for the spots on your penis, it's strictly up to you. Obviously they bother your mind so why not just get them frozen off and stop worrying is my suggestion.



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