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The Secret

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A friend of mine is raving about this book. He's getting quite boring!

I haven't read it, but from our discussions it seems essentially fascistic - this business that we attract what we deserve or want is just nonsense to anybody who has been exposed to any bit of real life - the child who's molested? The cancer victim? The victim of a natural disaster?

I'm going to browse through this book when I get the opportunity. But I see it as a symptom of how intellectually lost the West has become (just look at the Hollywood production values), rather than any kind of a solution.


Just playing devil's advocate here, I do not agree with it:

A lot of times people do (unconciously) want "punishment" and "pain". Think of it like the people who marry many people who abuse them. They become comfortable in the cycle of abuse, even though they aren't literally asking for it.


--- Quote from: JamieD on July 02, 2007, 01:54:50 PM ---Just playing devil's advocate here, I do not agree with it:

--- End quote ---

Ummm..... "playing devil's advocate" is a particularly dangerous activity in online discussions, particuarly ones like this forum where the community depends on the sincerity and conviction of the particpants.  If you don't believe something, don't post it, for your own well-being.  It's a shame to take a drumming for words and ideas that are not your own.

As for the BS about survivors of abuse, being one myself I am disturbed by the juvenile lack of understanding of human relationships and development.  Someone living in the midst of partner violence is as comfortable as a soldier living on the front lines of a bloody and relentless war--one survives on adrenaline and hope, unable to see a way out but to go through the ugliness, not simply so one can wait for the next assault.


I think playing "devil's advocate" is a good way to see another point of view or angle, so i welcome it and practice it

as for The Secret, religions, special handshakes or magic oil -- if they make you feel better, i won't knock them...but for me, i prefer science  and math

and a semi-tanget, do you know any hiv positive scientologists?   what meds do they take or not take?  i know they eschew meds for mental problems?  what does xenu take on bad days? :)  ok, that was bad of me


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