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NYC sucks ass!

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Living here my whole life it's realy not a thrill.

I thought it was a thrill....and the city wasn't bad either.

Sounds like you should make a big change in your life. I’d say (Just my two cents, mind you) with your children grown and the love of your life living a little bit further to the north, well I’d consider moving to where you would be a lot more content.

Hell, if I had what you two radiate towards one another, I'd move in a heartbeat. Hell’s bells I’d already be there.

Terry (who really likes you two.)

PS. I was going to say that it sounded as if SAE visit is over.

your probably right. I didn't notice how bad I dislike it until SAE left. Nice catch.

I love it there in the Spring and Fall, but Summer and Winter sucks ass! I have been on shopping trips where friends and I had to step over a stream of piss running across the sidewalk into the street from a homeless. Not to mention the place smells like piss in the Summer and is so humid. I live in the Pacific Northwest and hate humidity. On a drunken stroll back to our room at the Plaza one evening, we jokingly threw rocks at some cardboard boxes on the steps of a church and had a man pop out yelling obscenities. LOL On my last trip there in August of 2005, a late night run to McDonald's nearly cost me my toes as a dozen rats ran across my feet and under a restaurant door. I apparently interrupted their dining experience from the trash bags piled out on the curb. Otherwise, it's great!


- Ron


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