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NYC sucks ass!

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Sometimes I feel like I'm living in Disney world. Enough already. All the tourists look at you like your part of the act. Like this place is one big show. The finance and production that comes out of this city is unbelievable. So all of us that go about are day busting our ass have to be tortured on our train ride home by hoards of tourists with that same look. Like tigger is about to leap out of a dumpster. Christ!

it's fun to be part of the act (imho)  :)

The Canuck:
Yes it must tough Consumed...especially all those Canadian women going to NYC...they must be a pain huh.. :D

The Canuck

Maybe your fly was open. Naw, they were just checking you out. Grrrrrrrrr!

And if Sae was on your arm, well they weren't looking at you at all Dude! sorry!

Terry  ::)

Life in NYC can't be all that bad. I would think the show is increadable. Everything open 24/7, people gyrating all over and never being without something to do. Even walking the streets should be entertainment!



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