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Weight loss...again

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Queen Tokelove:
As much as I love Milker, forum is suppose to be for the ladies....If he wants to respond he should pm whoever it this case, Tigger...If the moderators see it they will correct him...

Now Tig are you saying you're losing or gaining? Subject line says loss but then your post says 63lb gain..That is a bit of weight to put on in such a short period....Have you talked to doctor?

oops sorry didn't realize I was in the poz women forum :( there is no way to ignore a forum yet and I saw a post from my friend tigger so I just replied, sorry :(

Milkie dear, even if you're going from the "unread" pages, it still lists what forum the post is posted in. Please take note!

Thank you darlin.


Sorry, didnt make myself clear...its a GAIN! Spoke to ID doc last week and its the meds, and also vicious circle of heavier I get, harder it is to exercise. My triglycerides are pretty high, so they're monitoring that, but she also thinks its lipo..I'm being checked out again in a month and she did say I might have to consider new meds even though we're loath to change them as it took 6 months to get me sorted!
I know I've gotta get more exercise, particularly as in middle of trying to give up smoking. Doc has said she may well try serostim or provachol if problems persist but in meantime need to get lazy ass in gear! OK my BMI is still only 25 and I'm 214lbs at 6'2" so its not completely out of hand yet, but getting there!
Just another little gift from my 'xmas disease', will keep you posted

Queen Tokelove:
I know what you mean about getting motivated to exercise...Been trying to get a membership to the Y for awhile now. Since your doc knows it is the meds, is she going to switch you to something else? What were you taking that caused all this? I know I am 30lbs overweight, I should be weighing 135 for my height but weighs 163. My doc doesn't seem to be saying anything about it prolly cause he knows I'm a lazy ass.... ;D


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