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Weight loss...again

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Hi Tigger,
I'm overweight as well, about 40 lbs now, and it seems to be a vicious cycle as well, the bigger I get the harder it is to excerise. I even joined a gym but felt so self concious that i kept thinking I'm going to pass out on the elipical machine (which by the way is the best machine to exercise on,it burns alot of calories, and it's low impact, I have knee problems, and I can do this machine for up to one hour). I would love to take up jogging but the big boobs hurt when I run, and then the knee thing.
Maybe you can try swimming, it's great for the summer, and low impact,very cardio based, and can build up muscle, plus your weightless which can support your body and make the excerising more enjoyable and therefore doable. I just don't have a pool and would have to rejoin a gym or the YMCA and to wear a bathsuit in public is torture. But you might feel differently.
Either way, good luck, I hope you can resolve the matter, as I am trying right along with you. '
Keep us posted with any progress.
much love,

Hi Ladies,

I HATE exercising!  I have a bad neck and back, arthritis in one knee, and diabetes.  Any damn time I try to exercise vigorously, which is about 2x a year lately, it is a complete shock to the system because of the blood sugars.  I would get so ticked that I finally motivated myself to actually pop in a video like The Firm, and then I have low blood sugar all evening.  Its a very delicate balance.  So, I wanted to pass something along.  Try walking, even if just for 5 minutes, or if you don't want to leave the house, put on a tune and dance like no one's watching (grapevine left, grapevine right, GFs!).  I have started hiking and walking with my dog over the past two months and its MODERATE exercise.  Before I know it, I have gone a mile, talking to the dog and myself and getting some air!  It really affects my metabolism in a good way, without the shock that a full out aerobics class would give to sugars and bones!  Walking has actually helped me to limber up my neck, back and knee.  And for those of you who have been reading the dating threads of late, it has cleared my head.  So, try a walk.  I know it doesn't seem like much, but its a start and really gets your metabolism up, and its EASY to do!  I walked around the city park with my dog last night for 20 minutes and then checked my pedometer.  I had only gone 2600 steps, lol, you're supposed to go 10,000 per day.  Pick a place down the street, walk to it and then turn around and come back.  Walk faster on good days when you feel up to it!  Good thing is, if you decide to come back to the house and pig out like I sometimes do, your metabolism is up and its not as bad, lol!   :D

Hey Queen-
  I remember when I started on the forums, you were going to join the Y.  :D
  Please talk more to your doctor about the type of diet you should be on, and suggestions for beginning exercise, you know, if you have any restrictions.  I hope things improve for you.  I know a weight gain is a b****.

Queen Tokelove:
Betty--So then you see I haven't been lying. Still haven't made it there yet, it's just not in my budget even with the scholarship they have. Good to see you have been paying attention.... ;)

Moonlight---- Yes, GF, I know what you mean. I took a walk today as well. I walked down from my apt to my friend's house which is 3 blocks away. From there we watched Eragon, which was a very good movie, then me and my friend decided to walk to our other friend's house which is 11 blocks away. It was some good exercise and I could actually feel it in my legs. Believe me, those blocks weren't short either... ;D


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