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Weight loss...again

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Didnt want to hijack another thread but I'm feeling GROSS have put on 62lbs in 4 months since last change of meds, (not combivir) and just feel like hell. Yes, got lipo...which no one warned me would bloody HURT around my neck and shoulder area, and my stomach looks like I gave birth to a twenty pound baby 5 minutes ago! All the clothes and attempts to increase my confidence just dont work. sex drive NIL, blood pressure OTT HELP?

if this is happening so fast and you can clearly associate it with a particular regimen shouldn't you try to switch? i hope so much things will improve for you.

you can do liposuction on the belly and the hump but it is a painful process, yet do-able. i've had a friend do it can't say it was easy but it is quite routine these days. but it must be so alarming to change at such a rate i think you should talk with your doctors asap.

all the very best to you,


I feel your pain  :'(

Hey ex-neighbor :D

You've been dealing with this weight problem for some time now, are you on a diet? Have you seen a nutritionist? Maybe there are "easy" (I know easy is easy to say) things that you can do to reverse the process here, but an HIV nutritionist may help?


Milker I think I might have to report you.....on second thought...........shhhhhhhhhh
I think you're a good resource. ;)


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