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I have three situations that I am extremely worried about as I am unsure whether I am likely to obtain the HIV virus through these situations.

My first situation is that i was walking through a nightclub and felt someone hit the back of my head. As I wasnt sure whether it was just the girls hand I felt the back of my head. I looked at my head but did not see any blood, my friend looked and said their was no blood. The day after I asked my boyfriend to check the back of my head, he said there was no marks or scratches. What are the chances that the person put a HIV infectd needle into my head? I am worried it was a needle and I did not realise. I was dancing afterwards.

My second situation is that I grazed my knee on the bottom of a big swimming pool in Spain. My boyfriend could not see any blood untill I reached the lockers where there was a little. Is it possible for the HIV virus to be transmitted through a swimming pool? I am worried someone else may have had a cut and I may have got the virus.

Finally I was walking around my hotel room and I stepped on a small sharp peice of stone that I had not seen on the floor. This cut was bleeding badly for about 10minutes. I am now worried I may have got the virus from the stone. There was no other people other than my boyfriend in the room but I am sure I could see a small dot of blood on the stone! What are my chances of getting the virus this way. As soon as it happened I washed my foot and kept it covered for the remander of the holiday.

Please reply as soon as you can as I am extremely worried about these situations, they are constantly playing on my mind. PLease explain to me whether or not these are risks.

Thanks x

Matty the Damned:

None of the incidents you describe present any risk for HIV infection. None of them. You really need to educate yourself about the ways in which HIV is and is not transmitted. Fear not! This can be achieved quite easily if you read our glittering Welcome Thread and follow the links to the HIV transmission lessons.



can some experts please reply to my questions!!  My main concerns are that the two cuts i had from the stone or in the swimming pool provide a route for potential hiv virus to get into my body.  now lets look at the worst situation, the stone i cut my foot on it had a blood mark on and im not sure if it was my blood or someone elses, if was another person then i cut my foot is there a risk of infection? Please explain.

Secondly i cut myself in a swimming pool which had thousands of people there as it was a water park,could the virus get into my bloodstream that way or would chlorine kill any hiv virus?

Thirdly in the nightclub if a needle did prick my head in the nightclub as i actually dont know what it was as it came from behind me i also had a few drinks that night, could infection happen that way due to someone pricking my head?

I really am thinking about testing as it is affecting my life to much, i need some advice on what to do, those are my only risks.  Please reply thanks xxxxx

so can i have some replies please people as im really worried

Andy Velez:
There's not a lot to say in reply to your questions. There was absolutely no risk for HIV in any of those situations.

What you need to do is to read the lesson on this site about transmission. HIV is not just out there everywhere lurking to infect you. Transmission happens in very specific ways and by reading the lessons about transmission and testing you will get the essential infomation.

This epidemic is going to be around for a longtime to come so get down with those details. Then you can protect your health from the real risks and also spare yourself a lot of unnecessary worrying.



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